Entrepreneurial Life

You love being an entrepreneur. Happily committed to the irregular hours, waking up at 3 a.m. with a great idea, you get to work from well, just about anywhere and are able to grow a business around something you are passionate about. Entrepreneurial Life Magazine is designed to help make all that a little bit easier.

We always strive to offer articles tailored for the entrepreneurial lifestyle because you don’t live a 9-5 life. You exercise and relax on your own schedule, work when best suits your personality and after family your business is the most important thing to you. You need┬árelevant and up-to-date content all in one place which is why Entrepreneurial Life exists.


20 years entrepreneur | 10 years business & marketing consultation | Editor | Writer | Life Coach

Degree in Business Management | Studies in English | Counsellor Training

“From strategizing to marketing I help clients put all the pieces in place and along the way relieve some of their stress. Jill Crossland Consulting & Entrepreneurial Life Magazine strive to make a difference by providing realistic solutions and resources.

I am passionate about working with entrepreneurs, learning, reading everything, travel, wine, my two dogs and a really good cup of coffee.”

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