5 Characteristic of Successful Startup Founders

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In the last 10 years, many people have attempted to be entrepreneurs however not all their startups have been fruitful. The success of a startup is the inevitable accountability of the entrepreneur himself. Most entrepreneurs go pear-shaped (awry – horribly wrong) several times before constructing a successful business startup. But they fundamentally learn from their mistakes to ultimately taste success. There are some characteristics and wherewithal that are exceedingly common when you equate the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. There are definite requirements essential for a business to prosper for instance; if you want to outshine in sports you need to train and exercise yourself to attain success. These qualities perceptibly helped them in getting at the best of their game.

  1. Audacious: Success respects audacious people. This is fundamentally true for startup founders as well. There are a lot of cases of people who went to exciting limits in captivating risks and were rewarded. Bill Gates gave up Harvard and started Microsoft. There are various such people who have given up a steady life to realize their dreams. Jamshedji Tata was an adventurous person who overdrawn his family customs of priesthood to try his hand at business and put up the Tata Empire in India.
  2. Determination: Most successful startup founders have doled out with disappointments in some way or the other. Most of them had botched initiatives that may have been an outcome of a wicked idea or shortage of resources. Some businesspersons came from a penurious background and had not had sufficient to make ends meet but these people were still capable to get on top of their difficulties and turn out to be a successful entrepreneur with a very successful startup. Karl Albrecht, who is today the richest person in Germany, was from a very modest family. Dhirubhai Ambani, the founder of Reliance Corporations used to go door to door for distributing newspapers afore building a business kingdom. Their success was the cause of their determination and not getting discouraged by their circumstances.
  3. Having a Dream: Startup founders with a dream are competent to use their calculated skills to the best of their supremacies. They have a viewpoint that works in the long term. They classify and exploits on the market demand that occurs and can be seen by a farsighted entrepreneur. Dr Verghese Kurien who is considered as a social entrepreneur used his billion-litre idea to transform the milk production in India. Cheers to his vision, dairy farming grows into the most self-sustained industry in India and it is now providing a living to a large mass of the Indian inhabitants.
  4. Having numerous flairs: The further most well-known people from around the world have made use of their numerous talents to transmute their small business idea into a bigger enterprise. These entrepreneurs have assimulated wealth for their businesses by employing their numerous skills that are immaterial to their particular fields. Most startup founders who have business intelligence use it to make wealth at a very initial stage in their life. Kirk Kerkorian traded aircrafts to create capital for his ultimate venture the MGM These numerous flairs were manageable when these entrepreneurs used their flairs and experience from a field to get accomplishment in the other which was the profitable one.
  5. Imagination: It won’t be a wrong oversimplification that all startup founders are inventive. They are continuously open to thoughts, modernization and origination. It is the concepts that drive their business and provide them money, success and acknowledgement. An imaginative idea can go a long way. Kishore Biyani desired to make a retail outlet that would offer everything under one roof and thus he made the Big Bazaar. Steve Jobs converted the gadget business by producing iPhones, iPods and MacBook. A resourceful idea takes its father to the most prosperous place.

Besides above 5 characteristics of successful startup founders, there are few that made them different from the crowd. They are salespersons with exceptional qualities and can enthusiastically enquire people to buy what they are selling; it is a wonderful advantage to the company. They know how to take advantage of technology. Building a worthy status is a perceptible market asset. Last but not the least successful startup founders have the capability to negotiate successfully and can all the time places a win-win situation. These are normal characteristics that all successful startup founders have, but if you don’t have, don’t worry. Most of these characteristics can be learned by evolving a winning assertiveness.

These characteristics are the most common ones in startup founders and these are the potentials that play an enormous role in their success story. These stories motivate us in a way and we try to nurture the potentials of a successful entrepreneur in ourselves.

If you are aware of any other characteristics that have not been listed here; feel free to post them in the comment box.

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