Summer Drinks

Perhaps a sprig of rosemary with your vodka?

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ARTICLE UPDATE: When David Brown from Advanced Mixology emailed me about sharing their recipes for some very creative Moscow Mules I was all in. Hope you enjoy the article and recipes – Jill Crossland, Editor

15 Moscow Mule Recipes You’ll Fall in Love With

Tired of usual chilled Chablis and cold craft beer?  Then the new drink trends will quite possibly enhance your spirit of choice or put a different spin on a favourite classic cocktail.

Bartenders are taking cocktails in a fresh new direction; from a resurrection of vintage ingredients such as craft bitters, to the influence of the culinary world with an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients, whether they are local plants, edible flowers, or even grass.

Instead of using fruity syrups bartenders are creating “cobblers’ with a spirit and fresh fruit, shaken together, and served over crushed ice. They are also introducing herbs, particularly basil with its wonderful aroma and slight anise flavour or spices such as cardamom, hot pepper, cinnamon, and ginger topping the must taste list.

Variations on some classic cocktails

Spanish Gin & Tonic: Adam McDowell’s A Spanish twist on the traditional G&T offers interesting suggestions on how to improve an old standby.

New York’s Lilia Restaurant has revitalized the white wine spritzer with this recipe: Bianco Bianco – Vino Bianco, Vermouth Bianco, Lemon, Honey, Sage, Soda

I’ve always enjoyed the tang of a Moscow Mule and with the evolution of some very good quality vodkas and craft ginger beer for me this is a drink that doesn’t need modernizing so here is Esquire’s recipe refresher but please ignore their reference to using ginger ale that just doesn’t work.

Sangria means a group of good friends and a chilled pitcher of red wine with the best of the summer fruits however Food & Wine has recipes for some different fruity combinations you might want to try with white, Riesling or rosé wines.

Chef, Mario Batali created a Ginger Peach Bellini  that will be the highlight of your next Brunch

If none of these drinks inspires you Marie Claire has 25 unique Summer Cocktail recipes.

Whether you are in the backyard, poolside or at your favourite bar take time to enjoy something different this summer because winter with its mulled wine and Kahlua hot chocolate is always just around the corner.

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