Airbnb is 7 Years Old

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Airbnb has some horror stories in its seven year history, a reminder that we have to be cautious when entering any situation via the internet but there is little doubt the company has become the source for some truly unique places to stay.

A recent addition has been Airbnb on Wheels: Vans & Taxis Provide Unique Lodging in NYC. This particular enterprise was started by Jonathan Powley, a 35-year-old stand-up comedian and former hotel concierge who has been renting vehicles in New York; a converted yellow taxi and two campers — provide accommodation options for adventurous, budget-minded visitors

Other novel places to stay include an historical tower in Croatia, or  an Eco Bamboo Home in Bali which comes complete with water wheel. Why not follow them on Twitter (@Airbnb) if for no other reason than to see what come up under the fascinating hashtag of #TreehouseTuesday

A recent article in Bloomberg Business shows they are having less success meeting the traveling requirements of business and corporate customers Airbnb Overhauls Service for Business Travelers but the company is working hard to meet the needs of this potentially lucrative market.

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