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The Healthy Business

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As a business owner you (try to) take care of your health; monitoring sleep, exercise, and diet but how much thought do you give to the health of your company? And what does that look like? In recent years there has been a noticeable shift …

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The Dog Decided to Retire

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When I first set up a consulting office in my home running a company remotely was a relatively challenging concept. Things certainly have improved as local and international business is now successfully carried on from coffee shops, dining room tables and during walking meetings. One …

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You’re Unique & That Is Ok

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There you are sipping coffee and listening to the guest speaker. They sound knowledgeable; offering information and tips on how you can grow your business, improve your marketing, reach that customer!  After the presentation there is the inevitable plug outlining services and you like what …

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Keep Your Business Facebook Page

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In spite of all that you have been hearing about Facebook recently, it is still a crucial social media channel for your business. Simply, Facebook allows for targeted marketing and instant customer feedback in ways that other social media platforms don’t and it has the numbers to back this up.