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5 Characteristic of Successful Startup Founders

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By Mehul Panchal, Founder of Filter Concept Private Limited

These days it seems everyone thinks they can be an entrepreneur but not all will succeed. There are however certain personality traits which will help you to be a successful startup founder. Do you have any or all of the Five Characteristics of Successful Startup Founders?

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Are You Thinking About Setting Up A Business In China?

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By Jim Coke, Entrepreneur, Author & currently undertaking his doctoral thesis on Chinese Market Entry at King’s College London.

If you want to know more about doing business in China this article is for you.
His upcoming book ‘A Fat Cow in China’ will connect with aspiring entrepreneurs & small business owners who have an interest in Asia & China particularly. Check out the special Book Offer just for Entrepreneurial Life Readers!

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How To Sell To Consumers in Europe

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Go Ecommerce Cross Border by Stef van Boekel

Congratulations, you have launched a successful product or a webshop. Cash flows are coming in and you are succeeding as an entrepreneur. One of the reasons why you are making money is because the market has changed.

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24 Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs

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2016 Gift Guide: Even though an Apple watch is the first gift on our list (and the most expensive item) we have tried to feature as many products from entrepreneurs as possible. HEALTH & FITNESS Apple Watch Series 2  with advanced fitness tracking features. Review …

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8 Ways Businesses Can Prevent Cyber Attacks

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According to a defense outlook report by Deloitte, the wealthier the nation, the more at risk a country is of cyber attack. The US, Japan, Britain and South Korea have been identified as some of the biggest targets. Not to mention, the recent cyber attack on the federal government may have exposed as many as 4.2 million current and former federal employees including investigations for security clearances and other job background checks.

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August is the New June

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Mid-year is considered the ideal time for a business assessment but it is also a busy time. Somehow we are not quite ready to evaluate what we are still in the middle of working on. However there is always August when the pace of life …

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Really, What are You Wearing?

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In the season’s finale of Billions, billionaire entrepreneur Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis) stormed the offices of Carter Staley and coerced them into re-investing with his company Axe Capital. Axelrod dares them to trust him again with the challenge “I’m about to go on the run of …