Can We Have An Amen With That Craft Beer?

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(Photo by Brad Fickeisen on Unsplash)

When it comes to drinking 2017 was a good year for Rosé wine, Prosecco and the enthusiasm for craft beer shows no signs of waning.

While no one is surprised that the craft beer movement is still going strong the creative (marketing) direction it is taking is nothing short of inspiring. Churches from Brooklyn to Cincinnati are getting a renewed life as breweries. While Sunday morning at the Alvarium Brewery in Connecticut isn’t about praying but it is about an hour of yoga followed by participants at the bar ready to taste the latest brews.

The holiday season offers an opportunity to try different craft beers and why not take a selection to your next party or get together with friends as an alternative to the usual wine? Top 10 Winter and Holiday Beer Recommendations

Speaking of wine; somewhere in between is there a white wine that won’t be overshadowed by a piece of Angus beef and does fish and red wine really work the world rediscovered fun and food friendly Rosé. Once thought of as sweet and unsophisticated 2017 found it suddenly popular especially among millennials. Rosé is versatile, affordable and photographs so prettily on Instagram.

This has also led to a new popularity for Rosé champagne – We’re Drinking More Rose Champagne Than Ever Before: Just Don’t Call It a Trend. 

If this is not your usual wine of choice Marie Claire features some good suggestions in 15 Rosé Wines & Champagnes for Every Occasion

Italy’s sparkling white wine Prosecco also enjoyed a huge sales bump in 2017. Why not make a quiet winter evening at home a little special? Here is Vinepair’s  Popping Off: The Most Popular Prosecco Brands of 2017.

Finally, if a cocktail is what you really look forward to during the holiday season Esquire has compiled 13 Best Winter Cocktails to Get You Through the Cold. SKOL!

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