Colouring Books Revisited

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You can do it in your office, with your kids or in group while drinking a cocktail; colouring books for adults are the latest trend in de-stressing. Millennials to baby boomers are for some part of the day turning off their phones in favor a cadmium orange hue pencil.

When she first pitched this idea to her publisher commercial illustrator, Johanna Basford found (not surprisingly) they were somewhat sceptical.  In 2013 her first colouring book was Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book was published, followed by Enchanted Forest and Lost Ocean. As of November 2015 – Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest have sold more than 453,000 copies and 350,000 copies, respectively.  Basford’s latest book, Magical Jungle, will be released in August 2016.

The demand for adult colouring books and artist supplies has become big business, with strong financial rewards for publishers and retailers alike. Stores like Michaels, Target & Walmart have expanded their floor space in order to accommodate this growing business trend. Some retailers see this as the beginning of a broader movement toward creative expression, and are thinking about branching out into areas such as painting, calligraphy and illustration.

What is the attraction and are there benefits for busy entrepreneurs? Simply explained colouring is a low-impact activity which allows us to switch off our brains and focus only on the moment. The mental advantages appear to be positive on many levels.

  • You give yourself permission to take a break
  • The brain can play and your imagination takes over
  • As you relax anxiety and stress levels decrease
  • It unlocks your creative potential by exercising fine motor skills
  • Colouring generates a creative mindset
  • There are meditative benefits as its repetitive action helps the mind release

If you were once a creative type who now find themselves at with a successful accounting firm; this can bring you back to those roots. Your choice of colouring material doesn’t have to be whimsical or meditative as there is a growing range of genres to fit all personality types.

Will it all last? Probably although sales will start to stabilize at some point. The broad spectrum of colouring fans indicates a new era as we find being plugged in 24/7 is no longer a novelty. Humans need escapism whatever form that may take.

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