Creativity Plus Data is Marketing in 2016

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Once upon a time marketing meant developing a plan to reach the public through the financially and labour intensive mediums of television, radio and print. Fast forward to content marketing that is streamed onto our customer/client’s phone, tablet and laptop. Ads have also come of age with everyone from Facebook to Pinterest willing to offer you space ….. for a price.

Marketing is no longer linear or funnel-like, but rather multi-stage.  The written word still carries some weight as it asserts our expertise, services and products but this too is metamorphosing as the public wants less wordage and more visual stimulation.

What does this mean for the business owner in 2016? While your growing mountain of data is important it is the resulting analysis combined with your creativity where you will successfully engage your intended human.

Never has it been so important for a business stretch itself creatively or to quote Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs   – ‘Go big, bolder, braver in your content development. Don’t settle! You’ve got this!” The visual marketing that took hold in 2015 will gain more momentum this year particularly around the areas of video content, memes and animated GIF’s.

Infographics and photographs do still have their place. Some marketers have put the death knell on using stock photos, to a point I agree some photographs are outdated but there are sites where you can purchase beautiful shots which will capture the concept or essence of what you are trying to market.

When designing a visual marketing piece never settle for average. Stretch your imagination and reach beyond the comfort zone of predictable. It also helps to research what the bigger forward thinking companies in your industry are using.  Mix up the visuals and try new channels until you have the creative formula that truly touches your customer.

To sum this all up much better than I can watch the trailer to:


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