Disruption Gets You Out of Your Comfort Zone

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The word disruptive use to belong mainly to authors but in the last few years it has moved into the business world in a big way; disruptive marketing, disruptive innovation, disruptive business model and the list goes on.  Richard Branson’s Virgin website even has an area entitled Disruptors

Did disruption become so prevalent due to technology? Many seem to think so but whatever the tipping point we as entrepreneurs need to embrace it; to challenge conventional ways of reaching clients, customers and other businesses. In order to do this, we have to be willing to make changes, take on the big guys in our field.

World Economic Forum: What is disruptive innovation?

Is Entrepreneurial-Life.today disruptive? No, not yet there are a lot of really good online magazines for entrepreneurs and SMBs. I want to give this one an international slant using articles by writers who may not be particularly famous but they are ‘in the trenches’ of growing a successful business.

Whether you are an entrepreneur in Oslo, Glasgow, Bucharest or Singapore our personal and professional challenges are different yet have shared commonalities. My hope for this magazine is that it becomes a place to discuss the differences and similarities as well as exchange expertise and ideas. We can help and learn from one another by disrupting borders and boundaries. Entrepreneurial-Life is now accepting guest writers; this may mean allowing us to repost one of your existing articles or sharing a new one with our readers.

The magazine covers a range of entrepreneurial topics

Lifestyle: food & drink, travel, health & fitness, downtime

Business: advice, efficiency, growth, work-life

Marketing: branding, content marketing, social media, strategies

What is it like to run a business in your part of the world.?  

If you have any questions or would you like to discuss contributing an article email me – jill@jbcrossland.com.

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