Don’t Underestimate LinkedIn

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Recognizing that LinkedIn is a social media force onto itself is important. As entrepreneurs we need to accept its differences and become proficient in how to make it work for us. International business expert, Daniel Ally writes we should spend at least an hour a day working on LinkedIn;  he has outlined some clear strategies in 5 Secrets to Monetizing Your LinkedIn Experience.

LinkedIn has made a lot of changes in 2015 working to define itself as ‘the’ place for professional networking. I like the fact there is not such a personal over lapping as we tend to see in other social media platforms. I think we will see even more opportunities from them in 2016 for professional development which is why it is important to get your business properly established on there.

After your company profile is properly defined you might want to shape your connections and information sharing. To help with this here is Social Media Examiner’s article on the LinkedIn Groups Redesign.

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