Effective Work Habits For 2016

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As a 2016 is starting to loom on the horizon entrepreneurs everywhere are analyzing what worked for them in 2015, what needs changing and which new things need to be integrated into their business. However it is important to remember before we can successfully move ourselves and our businesses into a New Year it is our efficiency which needs to be evaluated.

One of the biggest efficiency mistakes I see from many entrepreneurial clients is they fail to delegate or hire persons more qualified to undertake certain tasks. The need to ‘do it all themselves’ prevails so I am pleased to see this habit is addressed in both of the following articles .

Inc’s 7 Time-Wasting Habits You Need to Cut Out of Your Life for Good   

Solutions for those habits and other are well covered by Hubspot’s Scott Tousley. Scott writes about the productivity habits behind the world’s top CEOs, entrepreneurs and innovators.

He wanted to find out: ‘How do they stay focused and overcome distractions? How do they maximize the amount of energy they have throughout the day, without overly relying on caffeine? How do they avoid procrastinating difficult, mentally-challenging tasks?’

The helpful and sometimes surprising answers: The 13 Habits Of Hyper-Productive People

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