Entrepreneurs and Focus

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March is my birthday month. After the wine and cake has been consumed all that is left is to think about what has been accomplished and to review personal and professional goals not yet achieved.

As entrepreneurs most days are spent going from one task to another. Some we like more than others but passion for our business underlies all. While in reflective mode one thing that did come to me is how much I enjoyed the creative part of my business but I was often rushing through those projects.

In his book The Tides of Mind: Uncovering the Spectrum of Consciousness, scientist and professor of computer science, David Gelernter looks at the human mind as it operates from high-focus to low-focus.  At high focus we hone in on specific problems and tasks; then use memory for the knowledge and instructions needed to answer questions and perform tasks at hand. Low focus is where the mind drifts; conceptional ideas and daydreams pop up. Both are needed to be full and productive human beings however not all of our accomplishments come from minds operating at high focus. Inspiration often occurs when the mind is in low focus in fact creativity flourishes there.

The fast pace of doing everything that keeps our companies moving forward is a given but we must also allow ourselves the shift to a mental place where we are curious, try new things and observe the world around us because without this the inception of creativity doesn’t happen.

I have decided this will be the birthday gift to myself. To let go of the distractions, ask questions, seek the answers and be in the moment then the joy for my business will be whole again.

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