Entrepreneurs Look Ahead

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Many seem to be glad that 2016 is over so we move into the New Year with renewed energy and hope for better days. We craft goals for our personal and professional lives and seek the right tools to fulfill them.

We thought last year was social media at its darkest level but these early weeks of 2017 have already revealed a special needs teen being tortured on Facebook, self-righteous indication posted on all platforms about every verbal slip and a country being handled on Twitter.

Through all this muck we as entrepreneurs must use those same platforms to communicate with and reach our customers. We will decide if and how email marketing is best for our company, what our support team looks like going forward and how best to schedule our most precious commodity, time.  And how can I forget where does big data fit into all this?

Then December 2017 after a year of countless cups of coffee, exercise crammed in between meetings and more than a few sleepless nights we will once again assess our accomplishments and failures and prepare for another New Year because that is what entrepreneurs do.

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