Facebook 101: It’s not all about you

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When it comes to your Facebook business page is it time to review your marketing strategy and connect with some of the 1.4 billion users who visit Facebook daily?

As can often happen in an attempt to get quick results companies forget the importance of one-on-one communication.  Over time their message becomes one-sided and jargon-heavy.

They have become THAT person we all know so well, every time you talk to them they go on and on about themselves, rarely asking how you are doing, not much for back and forth conversation.

People want dialogue, connection and content they can relate to.  With the right attention to detail and regular posts whether you are a home-based business or brick and mortar Facebook can work for you.

Now might be a good time to ask yourself: What are your expectations for your business page? Who is your target customer/client?  The answers may have changed since you first established your company’s page.

As you review your page don’t overlook how much of Facebook works out to be free advertising. So with this in mind make sure your ABOUT is set-up properly.  The BUSINESS INFO, CONTACT INFO, BUSINESS HOURS should be current and accurate.  The STORY section needs to be interesting and well thought out.

Is your profile image properly formatted? Does the cover photo convey a clear branding message and is it easily viewed in all formats; especially smartphones which is where most people will interact with your page?

Now it is time to fill your feed with engaging content that isn’t all about you.  We all know Facebook made major changes to its newsfeed algorithm. With this change, they give priority to connections and engagement.  Your posts won’t be seen unless there is dialogue; you also need to be following compatible or complementary businesses and sharing their posts.

Facebook also emphasizes the importance of posting on a regular basis.  Research tips, resources and information related to your business and arrange them into interesting copy, adding photographs increases the readability and appeal. Respond to comments and questions in a timely manner. If you’re having conversations with your followers, they are then likely to become customers.

If you haven’t already done so set up Facebook Messenger it is a great customer service tool.  Messaging is convenient and many people are more comfortable with live chatting than calling.

Lastly, be creative through ads, videos, events, contests and giveaways. You will have to outlay some money here but ideally, these campaigns are included in the marketing budget. At this point you are now ‘selling’ to an audience who knows you, they are familiar with your company culture, have benefitted from your tips, smiled at a few harmless jokes in your feed, seen photos of you and your staff and are now much more comfortable about doing business with you.

I just did an audit of my own Facebook business page; I have low numbers and don’t follow a lot of the advice outlined above but with a new year just around the corner I also don’t have the luxury of having this platform languish anymore.

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