Four Surprising Reasons to Hire a Business Consultant

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Do you think of hiring a business consultant only in terms of working on a specific goal, project or problem? Actually a good consultant should also be willing to help with the small stuff that may be hindering your business growth and efficiency.

You just need to talk

Being an entrepreneur can at times be lonely. Those close to you are only willing to listen for a limited time as you debate “Should I buy a Facebook ad, yes or no?”. You may only need one or two – one hour consultations to talk or brainstorm; so be cautious of consultants who only offer packages with clichéd names and high prices.

You love what you do but…

Many entrepreneurs get their start from the foundation of ‘something they are passionate about’ but you cannot run a successful company from this level for long. If you feel like you are not achieving any substantial growth it may be time to bring in a consultant. Don’t be surprised if they bring you down to earth perhaps pointing out where you are reacting instead of acting. This reality check should be accompanied with some definitive steps to move your business forward.

Multi-tasking is out of hand

Every entrepreneur has days of multi-tasking but if you are overly tied up with the day-to-day running of a business this can be a liability. From this perspective it is hard to recognize where things are not going well and consequently to analyze what steps are required to get things moving again.  A consultant will bring a fresh pair of eyes to the situation and can help provide solutions. They should also bring knowledge of time management, organizational and team building tips to the table

You are not thinking clearly

Yes, it is your company; you hold the vision and ultimately the responsibility for all that entails. This possessiveness can often translate into a loss of objectively towards your business. You particularly need a consultant with strong communication skills. It is important they listen to you with no interrupting or pushing their agenda for your business. Going forward the two of you should evaluate strengths and weaknesses and put a realistic plan in place.

How do you know if you have a good business consultant or coach? They will take the time to learn as much as possible about what you do. A good consultant will make suggestions and recommendations that you may not like at first but this is where it your turn to listen and evaluate.  It is after all their experience and knowledge you want to tap into; you are not paying them to agree with you. In talking with your consultant you should feel they recognize your uniqueness and not be pushing a one size fits all solution.

For serious trouble shooting or help with that next big project the skill set of a professional consultant is invaluable but on the flip side no problem is too small and if all that means is 60 minutes of brainstorming and talking things out that is alright too.

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  1. I like your point that sometimes possessiveness can translate towards a loss of objectivity. My uncle owns a business and needs some help with it. He doesn’t really like taking advice from family members, so maybe having a consultant will help him.

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