Gen X and Millennials Don’t Suck

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A recent article in Venngage was entitled Millennials Don’t Suck, You’re Just Old and Hate Change. Since the 1920’s when the press called them the ‘Bright Young Things’ the younger generation has been open to scrutiny and often criticism by an older cohort. Today we follow, like and positively stalk the best and the brightest on a daily basis; from tech business start-ups to the music industry they rule. Internationally young game changers are making a difference.

Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud is the deputy crown prince of Saudi Arabia, second deputy prime minister and the youngest minister of defense in the world. Prince Mohammed is 30 years old. His Vision 2030 takes aim at oil addiction and encompasses three themes; a vibrant society, a thriving economy & an ambitious nation all of which will transform Saudi Arabia’s economy. Where the challenges lie is in Saudi Arabia’s Islamic traditions; which have for centuries formed the very foundation of their way of life.

Saudi Arabia’s rulers adapt message for social media age

Politically speaking anyone under 55 is considered young. The city of Calgary has flourished with the very popular, Mayor Nenshi (44), London’s recently elected Mayor, Sadiq Khan (45) and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is also only 44.

Lin-Manuel Miranda (36) changed Broadway’s trajectory with the musical Hamilton; a project he conceived, wrote and stars in. 46 year old author (Lab Girl) & geobiologist Hope Jahren’s laboratory conducts research focused on living and fossil organisms, and how they are chemically linked to the global environment.

Danish architect Bjarke Ingels is 41. His website is the place to go to for just a taste of the impact he has already made on the world of design. PROJECTS   2016 NEWS

With a body described as ‘healthy and athletic’ Misty Copeland (33) became the first African American Female Principal Dancer with the prestigious American Ballet Theatre.

Today’s advocacy roles seem to be falling on the slight shoulders of young women such as Jaha Dukureh  24 year old survivor of FGM  and 21 year old Nadia Murad who survived enslavement, rape and human trafficking

Food has become less mundane, even fashionable thanks to reality chefs and young restauranteurs such as Executive chef, Alexandra Guarnaschelli (44) & Australian’s Curtis Stone (40) restaurant owner, author and television personality.

The common denominator for all is they are progressive, open minded, curious and all possess a clear vision.

Even today’s young royals are in the front line for philanthropic work no longer wanting to be merely a ‘ribbon cutter’.  Prince Harry created the Invictus Games an international Paralympic-style multi-sport event for wounded, injured or sick armed services personnel and veterans.

The generations after the Baby Boomers are unapologetically making themselves heard fast and hard.  All of which brings me to 29 year old Director, Ryan Coogler; if you don’t recognize his name perhaps You’re Just Old and Hate Change.

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