Going UpHills: Fall is a Great Time for Goal Setting …. really

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The fall is wonderful for many things, cooler weather, warm sweaters, the click of fire places being turned back on and of course, goal setting.

Goal setting?

Yes. I said goal setting.

When I was in school September marked the beginning of a New Year. This month was filled with new clothes, new friends, new beginnings and endless possibilities for the future. January, the actual chronological marking of a New Year, was just a date and a fancy party that celebrated the half way point of commitments I had already been working hard to complete.

Now, many years later, I find myself dedicated to using September as my guide. But it wasn’t until I had kids that I realized how beneficial the school calendar is to my regiment. Before kids I was a bit all over the place. When I thought about what I wanted for myself I had a lot of abstract ideas. There were so many projects I wanted to create, jobs I wanted to have, and trips I wanted to take. But with no set goals over time, these ideas faded into the background of the next new exciting thing.

Fast forward several years and 5 children later I began to notice myself getting lost into the mom-abyss, that place where everything only evolved around the family and my own identity was starting to blur into IM-A-MOM-ONLY-LAND and those projects I had for myself years earlier were sinking further and further onto the backburner. ‘I’ll get to that project later’ became my motto.

And then one day I realised I had so many ideas that I spent more time thinking about them than actually doing them and at the end of the day I was feeling unsatisfied and frustrated.  What if I took some of this energy, scraped together a few minutes for myself and really focused one accomplishing one thing. How different would I feel?

So right then I decided I needed to get more focused on my own needs and start setting some realistic short term goals for myself. And in a matter of months some of those long forgotten projects started to come into view again.

So how did I do it?

I started in September.

And, I started small. I gave myself permission to take time out of my schedule- just for me- to complete a triathlon.

Ok, yes I said triathlon.

But I was small I swear it! Keep reading….

I picked a short distance, a sprint triathlon which included a 700m swim, 20 km bike ride and a 5km run. For me all of these seemed like realistic distances on their own and putting the distances together the closer to race day would be my biggest hurdle. I set my sights on a May goal, found a race, signed up and I was locked in. What happened next, over the following few months changed the relationship I had with myself far more than the actual race day ever did.

What I found was that by giving myself permission to complete a goal, I was also giving myself guilt free time to myself.



I know. You might have to read those two words again.

And I’ll be honest, I never even realized it at the time. I just had a mission, I was going to leave the house, to swim, bike or run at the minimum 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes.

What’s 30 minutes?

I’ll tell you.


If I can sneak away from 5 kids for 30 minutes every other day, then anyone can.

“But I hate running!”

No kidding?

So do a lot of people. Running doesn’t need to be your thing, neither do triathlons, or goat herding. I don’t care what you do with your 30 minutes, set a DIFFERENT goal for yourself and give yourself permission to achieve it in small increments.

There is a clever acronym for successful goal setting that I discovered well after I completed my triathlon, but the experience validated why I was successful. It’s called SMART goal setting: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

And most importantly, don’t set yourself up for failure.

I didn’t sign up for an Ironman out the gate. Instead I thought about what I COULD accomplish and went for it. This September will mark the completion of a second Sprint Triathlon and I’m laying out the ground work for some new goals. I figure at this rate if I can squeeze out the door for 30 minutes… what’s another 10 minutes?

How far is a half marathon again…?

Alanna Morley

I like to swim, bike & run. Sometimes right after each other. I also have five children. Some days I’m not sure which were the better decisions.….

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