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Every year the noise around the Christmas commercialism before Remembrance or Veteran’s Day gets louder. Under this commotion there also lurks consumer fatigue. People are weary of the marketing onslaught around celebratory times of the year that leaves them feeling jaded by the time the actual day rolls round. So what does this mean for the entrepreneur who is just itching to get their products and services out there all wrapped in the cleaver jargon of the season?

  • Create a marketing plan with definitive dates for when each campaign will start & end.
  • Don’t let campaigns overlap or run back to back.
  • Study and research your target demographic until you know them inside and out
  • Write normal ‘indoor voice’ copy. Don’t shout, overuse jargon or repeat yourself.
  • Be respectful of the consumer’s beliefs, feelings & worldview.

November 11 is intended to commemorate veterans and those who serve in the armed forces. Start your Holiday Season ads after the eleventh this will be enough time for a well-designed campaign. Ultimately marketing isn’t just about sales it’s about how you treat people and your business ethics.

– Jill
Editor & Business Consultant

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