Marketing your service based business

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Business and marketing consultants may try to convince you otherwise but there is a difference between how product and service based businesses market themselves. Even with something as basic as visual content it is a lot easier to promote your deliciously photogenic cupcake business than to somehow illustrate how beneficial it is to sit down with an accountant. When you have a business built around service the product you are selling is time and expertise.

To quote Seth Godin “People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.”; which does level the playing field somewhat. All businesses have the ability to design and provide followers with checklists, infographics along with helpful videos plus slideshare presentations. Photographs are a bit more of a challenge so a good royalty-free photo site is important. Choose distinctive images which when used in conjunction with captions or overlay text can be crucial to featuring your services or can move your potential client towards a call for action.

The marketing tools you have developed can also tell your story; the ‘why’ behind your business and let the consumer know about your company culture. While professionals and consultants do find online marketing more of a challenge ultimately the process allows for some stimulating creative thinking.

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