Pinterest It’s Not Just For Women Anymore

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Businesses centered on food, fashion, tourism, web services have a relatively easy sell on Pinterest as their company’s product is highly visual. For certain service based industries such as business consultants, career councillors, financial planners and life coaches it is a little more challenging to present what they do in a visual way. This doesn’t let you off the hook though.

Why bother with Pinterest? Unlike its younger siblings such as Instagram; Pinterest is not only mobile friendly but is actually at its best on a PC. While data supports that laptop usage is down don’t be complacent many of your clients/customers are still using them to run their lives and businesses.

How active you want to be on Pinterest is something you will have to determine but do set a schedule to keep Boards fresh and add new ones as needed. As each board is created by you or your marketing person they should be unique enough to stand out from the competition.

For those of you who do have a less than photogenic business strengthen your brand presence by varying the types of images on your boards; create infographics, share others relevant content and videos and lastly link to your blog articles but make sure the accompanying image is more than ‘stock’. Researching your customer’s pins will allow you to gage what is of interest and importance to them.

While initially the playground of DIYers and Etsy merchants Pinterest is working hard to increase business diversity as well as get more male users.  If this targeted growth pattern works they will hold their own as one of the top tiered social media sites for marketing but time will tell.

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Lastly let followers get a glimpse into who you are by also including a few personal interest boards; they can be about books, travel, favorite charities whatever you choose to share. So relax Pinterest is really one of the easiest platforms on which to develop relationships and build trust.

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