Print Media is Alive & Doing Very Well for Some Businesses

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The vast majority of businesses don’t have the money or resources to publish a print magazine. The marketing goal behind each publication can be duplicated in a more realistic style for the average entrepreneur.

United Airlines – provides Rhapsody magazine for its first class passengers. What special thing do you offer your biggest clients or customers?

Airbnb’s  Pineapple is intended to create community & brand association through travel orientated storytelling

Apparently John Deere’s The Farrow has been around for 120 years with an audience of 2 million. Success is in the telling of stories that people want to read and there is nothing I can add to that simple yet elegant marketing formula.

Fashion retailer Net-a-Porter gives its e-commerce site’s customers something physical to read with Porter. Sales and interest in the brand have increase exponentially. The UK’s ASOS has had the same success featuring well know icons on its cover to reach its young adult market.

Red Bull – Red Bulletin is all about the brand. Flash, gloss, extreme sports and living a cool lifestyle in other words what happens if you drink Red Bull or so they want you to think.

And finally Benetton’s Colours strives for higher ground. Philanthropic, valuable content with a large worldview. It spreads beyond itself and it works.

For a closer look – 7 brands with interesting & successful print magazines

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