Five People You Need to Hire to Facilitate Growth

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A company is like a machine. Its functioning is dependent on the synchronized operation of many moving parts. Over time, it can expand to carry out additional functions or perform existing ones with greater efficiency. And in order to accomplish this, it has to incorporate new gears into its mechanism over time.

As you may have guessed, these new parts take the form of people. More specifically, they represent key staff members, whose expertise makes them indispensable for business growth. While any enterprise can be enhanced through the addition of more employees, these particular individuals allow companies to make more substantial leaps in development. Here is a list of five such experts, with an elaboration on how their skills can facilitate growth.


In order to expand your business operation, your company’s financial assets have to be allocated in an organized fashion. And in order to spend your assets efficiently, you have to have an accurate picture of their present state. Among the things, you need to keep track of all revenue, expenses, outstanding payments, debt, and taxes. Paying attention to all of the above while attending to other business-related obligations can become demanding over time, which is why you should relegate this task to a professional accountant.

Accountants are essential for keeping you up-to-date with the state of your business, which enables you to make well-informed investment decisions. Their expertise also allows them to assess the general financial well-being of your company, as well as suggest measures for addressing problems that might arise. With a talented accountant working behind the scenes, your company will be able to grow without impediments.

Company Secretary

Even with all of the advantages of modern administrative technology, the day to day operation of a company can still pose quite a challenge, especially when you are trying to expand your business operations. Missing a phone-call or two, misplacing a memo, or being late to a meeting might not seem like big problems, but they tend to add up over time, eventually grinding the operation of your company to halt. So before things become unmanageable, you ought to consider hiring a company secretary.

In essence, the job of a secretary is to ensure that everyone else in the company knows what is going on, and when it is their cue to act. This aspect of a business becomes increasingly important during times of growth when even the smallest misstep can cause far-reaching complications.

IT Wizard

Running a modern business is practically impossible without a digital infrastructure. And just as your company needs a secretary to support your staff, it also needs someone to extend the same courtesy to its equipment. Malfunctioning hardware and buggy software can paralyze a company, and even cause permanent damage through data-loss and equipment failure. It is therefore imperative to have an individual on staff who can identify and solve these issues, as well as prevent future ones from happening.

In bigger companies, IT infrastructure is usually handled by a team of webmaster, sysadmins and software developers, but for smaller business, it usually only takes one person who knows their way around a computer network. With an IT wizard on board, you can rest easy knowing that your machines will keep performing at peak efficiency.

Customer Support Representative

When businesses grow, they usually expand their repertoire of products and services in an attempt to seize a larger share of the market. And just as a company grows, so does its consumer base. As more and more people keep buying your products and services, the likelihood of encountering an unsatisfied customer increases as well. Failing to address customer complaints can be extremely damaging to a company’s image, which is why you should make sure you have a customer support representative on board once your business starts increasing production.

The job of a dedicated customer support specialist is to keep your existing customers happy and satisfied while welcoming new ones into the fold. With a good customer service record, your company stands to gain even more customers thanks to positive word of mouth, thus enabling it to grow further.

Marketing Expert

In today’s global economy, businesses have to compete for audience attention across the world. It is no longer enough to simply release a product or service into the market – your competitors are doing the same thing, so you need some kind of advantage to come ahead. This is where marketing comes into play. With a marketing strategy in place, your business has the ability to acquire new customers by sending out messages to your target audience. As your company grows, marketing communication can become increasingly complex, leaving you in need of the services of a marketing expert.

The job of a dedicated marketer is to shape the image of your company through branding, identify prospective new demographics on the basis of marketing data, as well as create various kinds of advertising material. Marketing is a job that requires a lot of creativity and passion, as well as knowledge of current trends, so don’t pass up on candidates just because they don’t have years of experience in the business.


Running a business isn’t easy on the best of days, due to financial pressures, fluctuating marketing conditions, and consumer fickleness. Making sure that your company roster includes individuals from the professions we have outlined above is one way of ensuring that your business will pull ahead of the competition, and expand its operation in the process.

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