The Creative Way to Play: An Interview with Entrepreneur, Olivia Callaghan

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PLOX LONDON is founded by young entrepreneur Olivia Callaghan. The concept behind this business is about providing an exciting, inspiring and creative lifestyle for children. Arts and crafts through parties, play dates and travel backpacks all designed to capture children’s imaginations. Plox products and services combine creativity, education and fun.

Our interview with Plox London founder, Olivia Callaghan

You are at a networking event, meeting new people what is your ‘elevator speech’ version of Plox?

Plox inspires kids to be creative and not think that a screen is the be-all and end-all of life. We do this by providing parties in people’s homes or rented spaces and have designed a play-box full of games and activities to keep little ones entertained on their holiday adventures.

What sort of child was Olivia?

Obsessed with arts and crafts. And I watched The Sound of Music every day after school for 2 years. My mother knows every word to it.

Do you think we are turning the corner for both adults and children where we are starting to balance our tech dependency with quiet (creative) time?

I think that tech has now been around for long enough for us to realize the positives and the negatives of it, how obsessed with it we have become and the need for screen-free time in our day. I think parents are becoming very aware of how hard it is not to use technology in everyday life and so for the years a child doesn’t need to use it then keep that the case.

You founded Plox in 2016. Are you currently functioning predominately as a solo entrepreneur or is there a growing support team behind you?

I have a group of girls who help me with parties when I need an extra pair of hands and I outsource my PR. For now, it’s a one-woman band but I’m looking to hire someone in the next few months!

Unlike many entrepreneurs, you have work experience behind you in the areas of brand development, marketing, fashion. Was there still something you wish you had known going in?

You never know what to expect, but its ok because no one does!

What does your day look like? and Do you find time for yourself?

I use a co-working space in central London and like to get there as early as possible after a morning workout. I normally leave at about 5:30 pm and walk home before cooking supper if I’m staying home. Unfortunately when you have your own business you never totally switch off so I find myself replying to emails while I watch a movie or in bed before I fall asleep. I try to really switch off on the weekends and jam my days with seeing friends, family and doing fun activities or eating in new restaurants that I want to try in London.

In a recent interview when asked about the future of Plox you said “I would eventually love to have my own space where people can book into art & craft classes in the same way grown-ups book into gym classes. And to design further play boxes to keep the creativity flowing once kids have left my classes and have headed home or across the globe.” Do you see or even want an international market going forward?

I already sell my play boxes on some online platforms in the US but would definitely like to expand internationally when the time is right.

Thanks Olivia for taking the time to answer our questions. We encourage our readers to check out Plox. Their branding is bright and innovative. The business model based on children enjoying and benefiting from a creative lifestyle – Jill Crossland, Editor

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