The Heart of Your Business

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No matter what your business size from solo entrepreneur to brick and mortar this area is the centre of your company.  It is where you hire and fire, work on your books, talk to the tech guy, make plans and strategize ……. it’s your office. This space has an impact on how you function. A bright, airy and uncluttered office will inspire efficiency and productivity. It is where you meet clients or customers the design and furnishings will tell them a lot about your company culture.

All this doesn’t necessitate filling the space with furniture from an office supply store with an end result of a generic and unimaginative environment.  The atmosphere of your office is ultimately subjective to your taste, the nature of your business and budget  Adding plants, good lighting, artwork and photographs will make you feel good, plus can help to ease anxiety and stress. Warm colours on the walls and in the décor also add to an effective workspace. Access to a refreshment area with healthy snacks, fruit, fresh water along with quality coffee and teas helps the hours spent working go much faster.

If where you live and work has four distinctive seasons; winter usually translates to starting and ending the workday in the dark.  The Danes created ‘hygge’ to combat the effect of winter’s psychological effects; they wanted to design a lifestyle to help them survive the cold, dark and sameness of the winter. A quality of cosiness and comfort that gives rise to a feeling of contentment or well-being is an easier undertaking in the home than an office environment. 

Meik Wiking has written about the concept in his book, The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living. He defines hygge as “an atmosphere AND an experience”. With this in mind, we need to bring warmth and light into our office environment – music, plants, books related to your business and photographs of a summer vacation taken or visuals of one being planned all help. A dog, cat or even a fish tank have their own energy and needs which break up the day.     

During the workday turn off the tech and take a break, rearrange your schedule instead of being limited by fixed-hours – a flex-schedule will benefit your work output and have a designated space away from the desk where you can think, practice mindfulness and tap into your creativity. Entrepreneurs need to take care of their mental and spiritual health and their office should be a part of this process.     

I have a great office complete with a fireplace but you will rarely find me using it. I subscribe to flexible workspaces (à la Richard Branson) – when home I prefer to work in the centre of my house which translates to the dining room – big windows, a  few steps to the kitchen for hot coffee or tea and an unscented candle lit on a dark 6 am morning keeps me going during Alberta’s frigid winters.

From my office to yours wishing you a Happy & Successful 2019. Jill

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