The Lull Between Dec 25 & The New Year

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There is a sweet spot of time between December 25 and the New Year. Some entrepreneurs will ideally fill it with a vacation or family time; the point being to recharge, stop working and decrease time spent online.  If however you are not skiing and view this as an opportunity to get your business off to a strong start in 2016   – never will the phrase ‘Work on your business not in your business’ carry more weight.

Don’t waste time playing catch-up on routine office work. Use the week of December 28 to January 4 to step back and take a big picture look at your business. You can think about your company’s future, its growth and goals without distractions. After this is done the next task is to reassess your schedule; new changes and growth strategies will need to be integrated into your time management.

First though it helps to define how you want your holiday season to look. The entrepreneurs in this article talk about how they were able to attain the work-life balance. The Entrepreneurs Guide to the Holidays  by Rachel Hofstetter

Whatever relaxing and fun activities you do engage in this Holiday Season don’t feel guilty, they are a reward for all those late nights and early mornings spent moving your business forward. Your busy new 2016 will be here soon enough.

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