Top 8 Computer Care and Maintenance Tips Every Small Business Needs

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Computers today come in many different forms, and each one can keep people connected to the digital world when needed. Although they are also useful for entertainment and other leisurely activities, computers and technology have a bigger role in keeping businesses afloat.

For this very reason, every small business needs to learn how to keep these devices in an impeccable condition. With proper maintenance and care, your computers will not only look good, but also perform reliably and last longer.

From maintaining the external and internal hardware to keeping software and networks secure and running smoothly, you must make sure to follow these top eight computer care and maintenance tips, especially when using them for your small business:

1.   Maintain a Clean Keyboard, Mouse, and CPU Openings

One of the easiest ways to keep computers in good shape is to keep them clean, starting with the keyboard, mouse, and CPU openings.

To clean your keyboard and mouse, dampen a lint-free cloth and use it to wipe the accessible surfaces of the devices. Avoid spraying water directly or letting pools of water gather to avoid damaging them.

For hard-to-reach areas like the spaces underneath the keyboard’s keys or the mouse’s optical opening, get rid of dirt and debris using a compressed air canister.

Don’t forget to clean the ports and other crevices of your PC, too. When clogged or dusty, these posts won’t allow optimum airflow in and out of the device, thereby increasing the possibility of overheating.

To make sure you remember to do all these, set a recurring reminder on your calendar. These PC maintenance tasks can be done at least once a month.

2.   Be Gentle When Wiping Your Monitor

Aside from the keyboard, mouse, and CPU, your monitor also needs to be cleaned regularly. However, you have to be gentle when doing so and wipe away dust using a microfiber cloth. You can also use an LCD screen cleaner to make more resilient stains easier to wipe away.

3.   Protect Your Device with Padding

When you travel around a lot, you might also need a laptop for work. However, constant movements may leave your device susceptible to damage.

To keep the laptop shielded from bumps, drops, and slips, you can choose from a variety of products that provide various levels of protection and functionality, such as skins, hard shell covers, and sleeves.

You can also opt to use a messenger bag or a padded backpack to make carrying your laptop easy without compromising its condition. Some of these bags have been tailored to separate the device from chargers and other accessories, so you won’t have to worry about dents and scratches while traveling with your laptop.

4.   Keep Cords Organized

Cords and cables also need your attention when your goal is to keep your business PC working optimally. To prevent them from getting all tangled and mixed up, keep them organized using the following tools:

  • Color-coding cables – Typically, the cables used in computers come in black and white. However, you can make it easier to identify which cords go where by using color codes and distinguishable labels.
  • Cable clips – Clips can be used to attach cables to the floor, wall, or desk so that they are not scattered around the office.
  • Rotating strip – This type of power strip allows you to customize the placement of chargers, docks, and monitors.
  • Organizing panel – This can accommodate multiple wires and functions as a panel of cable clips to keep cords and cables within a specific area.

5.   Keep Your Operating System Up to Date

Updating your PC’s operating system is another way to keep it running at its peak. As one of the most basic computer maintenance tasks, updating the OS is necessary regardless of whether you have a Mac, Linux, or Windows as these patches are made to ensure the cutting-edge performance of the computer.

Set aside time for these updates as some of them may take longer than others. Ideally, schedule updates during your breaks so they won’t interrupt your workflow.

6.   Always Back Up Your Data

Backing up data can help you avoid any losses during maintenance, upgrades, and any other form of tinkering on your PC. Remember that no matter how careful you are, you can’t remove the possibility of losing your data in the process. To be 100 percent safe, keep separate backup storage for your important files.

7.   Get Expert IT Support

Although you can deal with easy fixes and maintenance by running the diagnostic testing that comes with your computer, there will come a time when you would need expert support.

Many small businesses choose to DIY their technical issues because of limited resources. But while this is understandable, leaving the state of your computers to staff members who are inexperienced in tech support can be counterproductive and may cost you more in the long run than if you were to ask IT experts for help.

This is where call out IT support can help.

IT support professionals can implement correct and timely solutions, not to mention educate your staff on ways to keep your computers running at their peak. They can also help with maintaining network systems, monitoring data, and ensuring cybersecurity to prevent data breaches.

8.   Avoid Overcharging

As tempting as it may be, you must always resist the habit of keeping your business laptop plugged in all day. Aside from increasing your electric bill unnecessarily, this can also be detrimental to your device’s batteries.

To be more specific, excessive charging can retard the battery’s regenerative capabilities, which means your laptop won’t be able to hold a charge as long as it previously could when it was fresh out of the box. This can eventually worsen to the point that you’ll need to keep your device continuously plugged in for it to work.

To avoid this altogether, avoid charging your device until it’s necessary. This can be when the remaining charge of the battery gets below 20 percent, or when your computer prompts you to connect your charger.

Continue Delivering Quality as Promised

As a business owner, you need to think about more things beyond marketing and boosting your brand’s online presence – you also need to keep your equipment in their best shape. Follow the tips listed in this article to ensure smooth operations and deliver the quality of service you promised your customers.

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