Walk With Me

“Walk with me”

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West Wing gets the credit for those words, usually spoken when someone wants a quick meeting and the only way it will happen is by talking on the way to another meeting. In real life walk & talks have the advantage of being both time efficient and any walking we can get in during a busy day is less time we spend in an unhealthy position at our desks.

Full on walking meetings when logistically feasible have come a long way from that fictionalized White House.  Richard Branson wrote a great piece on ‘Why you should stand up in meetings’ he includes a number of positives around this concept as well as the obvious ‘….. it’s a great way to fit in a bit of exercise and stay focused on a busy day’.

Inc. expands on this with 7 Powerful Reasons to Take Your Next Meeting for a Walk

I start my day very early walking two dogs; I do walking meetings with some clients and often walk around while on the phone. End result is not only feeing better but walking keeps the head clear and thoughts more focused.

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