Welcome to Your New Home Office

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I am one of the lucky ones already running a business from home. Yet, recent events have even those of us well established at working from home feeling unsettled and distracted. Still, welcome to those of you who normally go to work in a brick and mortar building, here are a few tips and ‘secrets’ to help you.

If I were, to sum up, the best trick to a productive workday it would be in three words “Have a schedule”. Nothing will save your sanity more than having a routine in these abnormal times.  I see the eye roll from the mom with two kids fighting in the corner of her makeshift office. Think though, what maintains sanity on a regular day more than knowing what time everyone is up, having breakfast, off to school and you yourself are used to a schedule of work and breaks in your business day. Try to put that same structure into place just modify for a family and home environment. The structure will help everyone feel less adrift.

Define a new morning routine. Breakfast, schoolwork or reading time, exercise in the back yard.

‘Set up a recurring virtual playdate. Help your child to connect with their friends or school mates by setting up a FaceTime or *Zoom session during the day. – Thrive Global

*zoom.us is free and works well for business team meetings.

Create one area for play, reading, and art projects.   

As no one is rushing out the door for varied activities; prepare and eat meals together. Food still holds qualities that invite conversation and memories.   

What do you need?

Utilize social media to connect, interact and share. While you want to be positive it is also important to be authentic.   

Form a Facebook group of co-workers or people in the same field as you. Exchange tips, fun stuff, and industry updates. If someone is experiencing frustrations be supportive and helpful when replying.

Speaking of Facebook if you are growing tired of Uncle Harry’s conspiracy theories or a friends’ complaining you can snooze someone for a temporary period. They won’t know and can still see your posts in their feed. No hurt feelings.

This is an opportunity to catch up on research and reading. TED talks and webinars are a great source for new ideas and professional development.

You want to stay updated on COVID-19 but don’t let it rule your day. Pick one reputable news source and check-in at set times.

Take guilt-free time for yourself to relax, meditate, walk

Accept that this is an imperfect situation. There will be stress, meltdowns, and fraught nerves. So, when everyone is having a moment put on the family’s favorite song and dance!

Sign up for the Thrive Global newsletter. Their multi-pronged approach on how to get through life’s hurdles is always helpful but particularily right now. – Jill


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