What Gets Your Creativity Flowing?

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It is nearly the end of January and this is my first article for 2018. I have been feeling disconnected from writing; not even sure what I felt like reading. I am enjoying Richard Branson’s Finding My Virginity. He has an easy writing style where one could almost imagine being in his company, drinking wine and watching the sunset as he reminisces. As I did with Branson’s first book Losing My Virginity, I’m reading it in the context of a business book, an entrepreneurial journey. My writer (and marketer) side still felt detached from words until I discovered The Gathering by Anne Enright in a pile of unread books and started to read.

For entrepreneurs, the merit of reading business books and biographies is well established however it is in the world of fiction where we nurture our creative side. Words are a powerful thing. They allow us to tell a story, evoke emotion, touch our audience and most importantly show the authentic side of our business. This is not done with buzzwords and industry jargon. Everyday words must flow in a logical style, be grammatically correct and grab our customer’s attention. Where better to study this art than in the work of fiction?

We run our business in a world that wants us to create content highlighting our expertise, thoughts, and opinions.  Marketing copy must be created for a variety of formats including photographs and videos which require just the right verbiage enticing clients/customers to a desired CTA. All those words do not always come easily.

I never know what book is going to revitalize my writing; sometimes it arrives in a plain brown Amazon box or is a friend/colleague’s recommendation. As for my newly discovered Anne Enright book she had me at “I wait for the kind of sense that dawn makes when you have not slept.” A sentiment that resonates with most entrepreneurs we just don’t express it so well.

Books do require a degree of care and organization. Successful people and those who are readers always have books in their home; some artfully displayed while others have the more piles and Ikea bookcases approach. For me, I’m not snobbish about books they are present in most rooms of my house; there is not much attempt at colour or size coordinated just an eclectic blend of paperbacks, hardcover and second hand, all blending into the décor. The only criteria for not being passed onto another home or charity sale is did I enjoy or benefit from reading it? Apparently, though there is an art to decorating with books which I’m obviously missing; then again it was in a haphazard basket of books by my bedside where I found a much-needed muse for 2018.

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What does it take to get your creative juices flowing? 

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