Why you should Optimize your Culture

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Why you should Optimize your Culture

Laurel Mintz sits down with Eric Termuende, Co-Founder & Director of Gen Y Inc., at the Milken Global Conference.

Gen Y Inc. provides multigenerational advisory services to companies looking for collaboration and engagement that will ultimately improve culture and retention within the workplace.

Gen Y Inc.’s goal is to quantify culture in terms of the values and experiences. Eric Termuende says companies need to focus on optimizing their culture, rather than competing to be the best culture. He comments that it is not a best culture comparison strategy but a best culture within strategy that will be effective and impactful.

Eric Termuende highlights the driving factors that led to the development and growth of Gen Y Inc.
When applying for jobs, he encourages interviewees and employees to focus on the experiences of people within the organization, not the brandname.

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