Work-Life Balance Just Got Easier

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When you first start to work for yourself one of the challenges especially for a home based business is staying focused. Teaching yourself not to be distracted. Now headlines tell us to stop sitting at our desk for hours at a time because ‘Sitting is the new smoking’. Health experts want us to get up and move around on a regular basis during the day. Thankfully being focused and moving around aren’t mutually exclusive.

The lifestyle of an entrepreneur can include more than a few unhealthy habits; from the long hours, not asking for help or creating a support team, fast food choices and under-prioritizing physical activity; all this can lead to a stressed and eventually unwell business owner. Bookending your day with a morning and evening run, yoga session, gym workout or bike ride is a great start but so is avoiding a sedentary workday.

Interrupt your sitting whenever you can; walk around the office while on the phone, stretch, run in place, take the stairs. Entrepreneurs like Richard Branson are proponents of walking meetings. Why you should stand up in meetings . An office dog offers not just as a welcome distraction but they need to be exercised.

Personalize your fitness routine so it will work for you; use fitness trackers, create a dashboard with all of your personal metrics, make it social so there is support and accountability or keep it solo which allows for reflection and a recharge of the creative process.

As well as making us healthier all this long and short term exercise serves to increase our focus (attention span) and productivity when we are back at our desks. If you work from home add unloading the dishwasher or putting on a load of laundry to your new routine and you will also score major points with your significent other.

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