Writing Your Story

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Telling your brand’s story is not about marketing. It is about giving your company life; making it real and tangible. Your journey may seem mundane so you have to pull out the uniqueness.  As with all good stories start at the beginning what inspired you to start the business and then move forward through its evolution to what makes it the business it is today.

Finally don’t forget the human factor; the founder, those who work there now and how & why you want to connect with and help your customers.

When Richard Baker became the new head of Hudson Bay Company he knew the role it had played in Canada’s history was unlike any other company. There was this extraordinary story of a young country and a fledgling trading company both of which would survive some exciting and turbulent times.

As Mr. Baker said “It is ironic that it took an American to bring out the great Canadian heritage of the Hudson Bay Company.”

Whether you are a major department store, IT firm or consulting company you need to write a narrative which will make you stand out from the competition.

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